Copenhagen Symposiums 2019: Eruption and Impaction Symposium – April 24-25, 2019

Date: 24.04.2019
Lecturer: speakers at Copenhagen University Hospital
City: Kopenhaga
Place: .
price: 560 PLN





The Dental Trauma Guide is pleased to invite our colleagues from all over the world to two
2-day symposiums with international speakers at Copenhagen University Hospital.

Eruption and Impaction Symposium – April 24-25, 2019

– prevention and treatment of tooth eruption abnormalities

At this symposium leading experts will present etiologic considerations, diagnostic possibilities and detailed orthodontic and surgical treatment strategies for each potentially involved tooth type. Futhermore, complications such as root resorption and nerve damage will be discussed. The symposium will be of special interest for pedodontists, orthodontists and oral surgeons.

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Tooth Autotransplantation Symposium – April 26-27, 2019

– tooth autotransplantation as a method to treat tooth loss

There is currently an increasing interest worldwide to learn more about autotransplantation of teeth to replace missing or lost teeth. We are bringing together recognized experts to share their experience and secrets of success.

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Here you can download programs the two symposiums:

Eruption and Impaction
Tooth Autotransplantation

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    W 1996 r. w Lublinie z inicjatywy Prof. Anny Komorowskiej i członków założycieli zostało powołane pierwsze, samodzielne niezależne towarzystwo dla ortodontów, które przyjęło nazwę Polskie Towarzystwo Ortodontyczne (PTO). W jego szeregach znaleźli się specjaliści ortodonci, lekarze kształcący się w tej dziedzinie i zainteresowani ortodoncją.


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